How To Find The Right New York SEO Companies

The information age has brought about a new medium in advertising – the Internet or as the younger generation calls it, the Interwebs. But like any other form of advertising, there are certain techniques and strategies that need to be used in order to fully maximize the effects of online marketing. The demand for such services gave rise to search engine optimization and New York SEO Companies.

But like any other form of advertising, there are good companies and there are bad ones. Some SEO firms developed over the years, gaining knowledge and experience from each client they take under their wing – these are the ones that should be trusted. On the other hand, there are those that sprung like mushrooms after a rainy day – these are the typical fly-by-night companies, pretentious SEO “experts” attracted by the industry’s high pay and lack of governing body. They usually prey on business owners that are new to the technology, so much caution is needed when dealing with these types.

This article will help business owners find the right New York SEO Companies by helping them understand what separates the good companies from the bad ones.

What Is SEO?

seoIn order to choose great SEO firms, one must fully understand what SEO is first.

As search engine experts say, SEO is mainly a procedure by which a website gets traffic using free and natural means. There is more to SEO than this definition, but the statement above will prove to be enough for now.

So what are free or natural means? Basically, search engines have some sort of “rules” that identify which traffic generation means are natural or free, but to make things simpler, Google (and Yahoo! and Bing for that matter) do not like tactics that try to game their system. “Gaming the system” includes paying for links or using spam to increase a website’s rankings.

What Does SEO Do To a Business?

Like a double-edged sword, SEO has certain advantages and disadvantages. However, it has been proven time and time again that the benefits are actually greater than the downsides.

SEO essentially improves a business’ online visibility to people that matter. To drive home the point, here is an example: if a business is about a tree removal service located in Tampa, SEO that is properly done will develop that business’ online visibility to people who are living in Tampa AND are searching for a tree removal service. This is just one of the benefits of SEO to businesses.

On the other hand, the disadvantage of using SEO merely lies in the business owner’s choice of search engine optimization company. As mentioned earlier, there are two types of search optimization firms, and those that sprung up like mushrooms will often get a website penalized due to unnatural or outright banned link building techniques. These companies often use spam as their primary means of SEO, but pretends to be white-hat link building companies. One should take care not to fall for these people’s trickery or suffer dire consequences.

How Do Companies Perform SEO?

Basically there are 3 types of link building strategies: White Hat, Black Hat, and Grey Hat SEO. Each strategy’s usage is typically attributed to the type of search engine optimization company.


White Hat SEO is the purest link building strategy of them all and employs free and natural means to obtain organic traffic. Examples of White Hat techniques include publishing case studies and white papers, influencer outreach, and thought leadership.

Based on research, a White Hat SEO campaign starts by creation and promotion of compelling content – articles that are so creative and so informational that readers are forced to share them to their peers or even link back to their blogs. This, followed by outreach to reputable individuals in the industry as well as community interaction, infographics distribution or any other type legitimate outreach techniques available.

A website will never get penalized with White Hat SEO and this is the strategy of choice by well-known and knowledgeable agencies.

On the other side of the spectrum is Black Hat SEO which uses spammy link building techniques. Gibberish blog comments by the thousands and link injection are some of techniques that Black Hat SEOs use to rank their websites. This type only spreads garbage on the Internet and often results to poor user experience.

One typical sign that an agency is using Black Hat SEO techniques is that they promise increase in rankings within 3 weeks or some other very short period when in fact, it typically takes 6 months to rank a website on the first page of search engines.

Often shady and always dangerous, this type of technique is heavily frowned upon by the SEO community. Substantial penalties are what awaits a business that is caught doing this sort of thing. This is often the choice of spammers, hackers, and other people hoping to make a quick buck.

Lastly, Grey Hat SEO is a strategy that’s somewhere in the middle of White Hat and Black Hat SEO. These are techniques that are neither good nor bad – a grey area, one might say. Some examples include building microblogging sites for websites for the sole purpose of links. This is certainly a double-edged sword: on one side, Grey Hat SEO actually delivers faster results than White Hat SEO. On the flipside, overdoing it will get a website penalized. This type is used by SEOs on both sides of the fence.


Knowing what SEO is, its different kinds, and how companies use it will help business owners distinguish between legitimate agencies from the shady ones.

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Realtors in Garden City Long Island Real Estate Purchases

One does not always realize that a Realtor’s help in purchasing Garden City Long Island real estate properties is very important. Why is this so? Garden City in Nassau County, Long Island, New York is an affluent village with residents enjoying a higher standard of living than their counterparts in the rest of the county. Considering those who live in this neighborhood have a higher income than most, realtors must be able to live up to their clients’ demands and answer their every question.

In the United States, a Realtor is more than a fancy term for a real estate agent. It is a trademark of NAR (National Association of Realtors). Mostly in the U.S., there are about 1.3 million Realtors. Aside from them, there are also 1 million certified real estate agents who are not NAR members. They cannot use the term ‘realtor.’ Why a Realtor? A Realtor helps people who are keen to sell their properties. The Realtor can give update information about the prices, market, financing, and conditions of competing real estate properties.

Real estateA Realtor will properly market a client’s property to the public and to other real estate agents. Realtors also know where, when, and how to properly market a client’s property. They can also help the client evaluate objectively each buyer’s proposal without risking market position. Realtors can also help in the home’s final sale.

These are some of the reasons why Realtors in Garden City Long Island Real Estate purchases are considered important.

Realtors are even more a great help to people who are looking to buy homes in the quaint village of Garden city real estate. Realtors have the resources to assist clients in their search for a new place to call home. They can help in the negotiation process and can help in determining a client’s buying power. A Realtor gives guidance during the property evaluation and they can guide the client through the deal closing process and ensure that everything flows smoothly together.

There are many clients who are satisfied whenever they have enlisted the help of a Realtor. Sellers of properties note that a Realtor’s reputation was a significant factor in their Realtor selection process. About 65 percent of sellers note that they would use the same Realtor again. As for home buyers who are satisfied with their Realtors, about 87 percent of buyers say that they would again enlist the services of Realtor that they recently worked with.

Most home buyers are satisfied with a Realtor, as the agent is highly helpful to clients when it comes to understanding the entire home buying process. A large percent of homeowners were satisfied with their Realtors’ knowledge of the purchasing procedure as well as the completion of the transaction.

Real estatesThere are many Realtors working in the Garden city real estate area; thus, potential clients would not need to be worried when they buy their homes. Each Realtor is bound by a Code of Ethics and they must promote and protect their clients’ interests. They must also be honest with their clients.

With honesty, a client can breathe easily. Purchasing property in Garden city real estate is a sound investment. Residents are generally happy; the school system is commendable; and the weather is ideal all year round. The Garden City Long Island real estate property purchasing process would flow better with the help of a Realtor.

Garden city real estate is primary spot for all your real estate needs and offering the properties to gain benefits.

Tips For Buying Hybrid Clubs

Over the years, technology has created quite an improvement on hybrid clubs and other golf equipment. Choosing the best golf set for you can be tricky. You need to have better understanding about the differences of each brand before you purchase one. This article contains helpful tips that you should bear in mind before you buy your next set of golf clubs.

Choosing Driver

When choosing a driver, you need to opt for the shorter one than the longer one. Also, keep in mind that a closed faced club is better than the neutral one. Many drivers today are sold with 45-inched shafts or longer. The average driver for most golfers is 44.5 inches. Most professionals use an average sized club because the longer club makes it harder to hit the ball. In any case, the shorter club is better to use with fairway woods.

Hybrids Matches Irons

Hybrid ClubsThe trick on buying hybrid golf clubs is to make sure they match exactly with the iron that they are going to replace. This implies that you are replacing your old irons with hybrid clubs that are easier to hit and can reach the exact same distance-not shorter or longer. If you want to steer clear from distance gaps, make sure that your replacement hybrid golf clubs are of the same length and loft with your previous long irons.

Hybrids vs. Fairway Woods

Take note that fairway woods are not the same with hybrids. They are completely different. Hybrid golf clubs are used to replace irons, however some hybrids have the same lengths and lofts as fairway woods that often confuse golfers. As a rule of thumb, you need to try out both to see what works best for you.

Golf Clubs Are Not One-Size-Fits-All

Hybrid ClubGolf clubs are not the same. You cannot simply buy what you see others buy. You’ve got to try out and see what works perfectly with you. Look for something that matches your personal golfing ability. Choose something that would help you improve your swinging skills and offer you the best golfing experience. You cannot play golf very well if the club is too long, too heavy or too light.

Check Length, Loft and Lie Angle

It doesn’t matter what your new golf club looks like. Even if it comes in classic shape or it looks like a branding iron, you will never be able to play well if you have the wrong length, loft, and lie angle. Generally, you have to make sure that the loft is correct and the sole is parallel to the grass or ground. The wrong lie angle and wrong length may cause the hybrid clubs to push or pull a little harder or softer. Too much or too little loft may cause the golf ball to jolt and move off-line.

Remember The Ball

The perfect golf clubs and the perfect golf course will all be insignificant if you don’t use the right balls. Technology is so much better now that you no longer have to decide immensely between hard and soft ball. Generally, a ball with high spin wedge and low spin driver is what you need. Brand name may also be considered but most golfers choose balls based on distance. A ball that could roll on a longer distance is much more preferable than the one that can spin around the grass.

As a golfer, the best gift that you could give yourself is proper information about golfing techniques and practices. So while you’re out on the green, take a look around and observe the golfers you can see. Right then you will realize how hybrid clubs can truly make a difference in your performance.

Custom Military Coins History And Legends

The history of custom military coins is continuously being argued upon. What are the legends on the origin of these coins?
Some say that the idea came from Romans because they used to reward deserving soldiers with coins. Coins have great value during the existence of Roman Empire. They symbolize great wealth and power.

In another story, an American soldier brought a silver Philippine coin during World War II that had an insignia imprinted on one side. That served as a sign that he was a valid contact for their mission to fight against Japanese invaders.

Yet another story dating back to World War II claims that challenge coins were initially used by the personnel of Office of Strategic Service. The coins are said to be local ones called “Bona Fides” which were then used at personal meetings to prove a person’s identity. Each party would examine the coin’s appearance, including the date and imprints, to prevent being tricked by spies.

One of the most accepted ideas say that custom military coins date back to World War I.

Americans formed flying squadrons and in one of the squadrons, a wealthy lieutenant compelled each of his members to wear a bronze-covered medallion.

One of the soldiers’ aircraft caught ground fire and got terribly damaged. He had no choice except to make an emergency landing behind enemy lines. Unfortunately, he was taken by German patrol. They took everything he had except for the medallion, which they probably did not notice because he wore it in a small pouch hanged on his neck. The Germans went to a French town and brought him along. He found the chance to change his clothes and escape while there was a commotion going on.

custom military coinsHe went through all kinds of difficulties but he was successful in avoiding the German patrols. He stumbled upon a French outpost during that time when they were being bothered by saboteurs who wore civilian clothing. Because he was not wearing any sort of uniform, the French men thought he was one of the saboteurs and decided to execute him. Fortunately, he had the medallion and showed it to them. They decided to delay the execution and confirm his identity. While waiting, they handed him over a bottle of wine.

Back in their squadron, carrying the coins with them became a tradition until a challenge was made to ensure that all the members would carry their medallions with them wherever they are headed to. If a player drops his coin, he is calling for a challenge. Every member should bring out his coin. If someone can’t, that person loses the challenge. On the other hand, if all of the challenged members can produce their coins, the one who initiated the challenge loses.

In commemoration of what happened to the soldier while he was in French custody, all members who lose the challenge are required to buy a round of drinks for everyone else. Those who cannot buy drinks, of course, feel shame.

The challenge went on for years throughout the war. Custom military coins gave the soldiers a sense of unity and camaraderie.
Other custom military coin legends refer to the post-Korean Conflict era. What supports this claim is that the first “documented” coin came from the country.

Nowadays, it does not seem to matter which or any of the said legends is correct. Custom military coins are awarded to those who show bravery, loyalty and reliability. This means that no matter where the idea came from, the significance of recognizing outstanding military performance is still the essence of creating and awarding the coins.

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Things to Consider in ID Lanyards

ID lanyards remain highly popular today, whether you use it to hold your identification cards or badges for work or school, or to secure your gadgets and electronic devices, and so on.

Before ordering a batch of lanyards for your use, here are some of the things you would have to take into account first.

First, of course, is your budget. Determine how much you would be willing to spend on ID lanyards. There is no fixed price for ID lanyards—it will depend on the material you use and the methods you employ in making the lanyard. Generally, the more expensive it is, the better the quality would be (note—only generally).This does not mean, however, that the less expensive variants are always of poor quality. That is not always the case—although it would depend largely on the manufacturer of the lanyards if he can make top-quality products by charging as low as possible.

ID lanyardsNext, consider the design. You can have the manufacturer come up with a design for your lanyard, or you can do it on your own, or with a team. If you have many ideas on what the lanyard should look like, and if there are many elements that you want to incorporate in the design, it is better if you provide the manufacturer with a copy instead. That is, of course, if you require a customized one. Blank lanyards are also available, coming only in one or two colors. For personal use, blank lanyards will do.

However, if you intend to use the lanyards for a public or commercial event, for raising awareness for a cause, or for identification with a group or institution, it is obviously imperative for you to come up with a customized design.

Another thing you would have to consider is the safety of the lanyard. ID lanyards come with break away or non-break away straps—the difference being you can remove the lower portion of your lanyard with the former, but you cannot do it with the latter. This is an important security consideration, as it could spell the difference between injury and safety.

Break away types are preferred, since you will be able to detach the rest of the lanyard during an emergency if necessary—for instance, if your lanyard gets stuck on something or is grabbed by someone. Just imagine: you are outside a train on the station, your lanyard gets stuck on the closing doors, and the train starts to move. In that case, you would be very glad to have gotten a breakaway lanyard for yourself instead.

The attachment style is also very crucial. There are multiple types to choose from, but base your choice on what items you intend to use the lanyard on. Naturally, you would have to go with sturdier attachments if you would be using the lanyard for electronic devices, while the lighter ones will do just fine with identification cards, tickets, passes, or badges. Ask for some assistance from your manufacturer to help you decide what the best attachments to use are.

Lastly, the manufacturer is perhaps one of the most important considerations here—consider it the final yet the most difficult test. Regardless of what you choose in terms of cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, safety, and attachments, it will all be useless if you find a manufacturer who cannot deliver up to your set and specified standards. It is best to find trusted names in the business—you can ask friends and acquaintances if they have some recommendations for you to try and check out. You can go over online reviews as well, to help you choose.

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An Overview of PCB Fabrication and Related Electronics

Pcb fabricationThe printed circuit board, or PCB for short, is one of the most important components in the world of electronics today. Without PCB fabrication, typical electronic products such as televisions, air conditioners, and computers would have sizes as big as a typical personal room in a house due to the many complicated wires and enormous circuits needed for them to run smoothly and efficiently.

A PCB is defined as an electronic circuit board that is composed of a thick base layer and a thin layer made of copper foil in which the circuitry is made via etching. It is where electronic components such as transistors are later mounted via a process called soldering before the board is actually used. The base layer is called the substrate; and is made of any of the following materials, regardless if they are rigid or flexible: hard plastic, phenolic, masonite, glass, and fiberglass.

PCB fabrication began in 1940 when Paul Eisler of Vienna, Austria wanted to simplify the manufacturing of radio circuitry.

In Eisler’s time, wires thicker than coaxial cables and transistors as big as light bulbs were the norm in electronics. The very first generations of computers employed those colossal wires and transistors, creating convoluted circuits with sizes equaling those of usual offices today.

Eisler’s conception became widespread after World War II due to three reasons: reliability, space-saving potential, and the plausibility of mass production. Electronic devices using PCBs became smaller and more compact, easier to service due to the copper foil replacing the wires, and opened the doors for the eventual commercialization of electronics in general. In 1957, the first commercial computer that used transistors made use of PCBs, which had those transistors and other components soldered on them.

As the quest for compactness still continued, even the already compact PCB had to shrink even further. Enter the integrated circuit or IC for short. It was developed by Jack Kilby of Texas Instruments and is usually made of silicon. Whereas the PCB uses copper as a conductor for the electricity to power its molded components, the IC uses a process in which the flow of electricity is dictated whether the silicon touches an impure substance or not. The combination of silicon and the impure substance is called the semiconductor, and an IC is basically one. ICs are usually smaller than the fingers of a human hand and are vital in devices such as smartphones, MP3 players, and the central processors of a typical modern PC. However, due to their roles in resisting the flow of electricity and storing it, resistors and capacitors cannot be shrunk to IC-level sizes, respectively.

The creation of a compact electronic circuit does not stop with Pcb fabrication. For a PCB to be put into good use, the required components must first be mounted onto the board using a process called soldering. Soldering is the process of connecting metal parts the electronic way using a filler metal, which is called the solder. The solder is melted using a soldering iron with temperatures ranging from 300 degrees Celsius to 427 degrees Celsius to form a kind of glue that binds the PCB’s copper foil and the components’ terminals together.

PCBs and their components are not the only things that can be joined together via soldering. Wires and cables can also be soldered together. The insulating coatings must be removed and the inner conductors must be bunched together before the solder can be applied.

Together, PCB fabrication and IC fabrication go hand-in-hand to serve as building blocks of the many electronics humanity enjoys today and will continue to enjoy for the years to come.

How Content Writers can Achieve Success

Writing from home may seem like the dream job, but it isn’t for everyone. While many content writers have met success, many don’t realize the hard work and effort that they have put into their work. Just having the skill to write isn’t enough and many have trouble meeting the other requirements of being content writers. There are some realities that writers need to face, especially those who are just starting out. Among these are having low pay, dull topics, and lack of artistic license. But with hard work and the ability to write fast and well, a person will have a promising career writing different kinds of content.

Here are some tips for those who want to aspire to write content for companies or websites, as well as the type of skills that are needed.

1. Learn different styles

Content writers need to have different writing styles to adapt to certain audiences. Sometimes they may need to write something for academic purposes, other times they can use an informal tone. Depending on the type of content that is requested from the writer, he needs to be able to switch between styles. Having more than one style will make a writer much more in demand to those in need of content writing services.

2. Know the market and researching

What some people do not understand is that content writers do a lot of research. This could be information about the topic they are tasked to write about, relevant keywords, where their competition is right now, and writing trends. A content writer has to always be ready to jump into doing research whenever an idea pops up in his head. Another thing that aspiring content writers need to remember is that they must write for their audiences. Once they know their audience, they can write what the audience wants to read.

3. Be original

Content WritersIt doesn’t matter if the topic is old and overused, a good content writer has the ability to bring a new point of view or opinion about it. Each and every piece of content that a content writer churns out has to be an original piece of work. If he used some research material, then citations should be placed. He must always check if his content will be flagged for plagiarism. There are many sites online that help with checking for plagiarism.

4. Master social media

Social media is where names are made famous (or infamous), where content is shared and discussed, and where a budding content writer can start establishing connections. Building up a reputation through social media and engaging with the audience will ensure that a person’s content will spread.

5. Take a writing class

There are many classes that can be found online that offer academic or technical writing. Some classes are specifically geared towards content writing, so if a person wants to aspire to be a content writer, then giving these classes a go will give them the skills they need to start.

6. Build a portfolio

It doesn’t matter if the first few jobs don’t pay very well, what’s important is that while a person is writing, they are gaining experience and building up their portfolio. Small freelancing jobs and some content work here and there will eventually build up. When an employer sees that the articles are all well-written, it could mean landing a better job with better pay.

7. Practice

If a writer would be asked to compare his articles side by side, he will be able to see the growth in his style or form of content. Practice leads to improvement, which is why the more successful writers keep writing articles while continuing to listen to the feedback given to them.

No Questions Asked: Why Hire Keynote Speakers For Your Events

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You have seen many companies and event organizers do it. You have seen many gatherings boasting of keynote speakers. Sometimes these are just company bosses; sometimes technical experts are called in to do the job; sometimes they may even be celebrities or famous personalities. While it is appearing to be more and more a standard practice in organizing an event, you might still be unconvinced.

Why should you hire a professional speaker anyway? Isn’t that an unnecessary expense? What exactly can they bring to the table that no one else can?

First of all, hiring professional keynote speakers for your events would tell your employees that you take the message seriously—after all, you are willing to spend to make sure it is delivered correctly and professionally. With the added authority of your guest keynote speakers, your audience will feel compelled to hang on to every word they say. The added audience engagement is a win for everyone concerned.

With the help of a professional speaker, you can also tailor the message to suit your audience. Nowadays it is not all about the message anymore—audiences are also looking at how the message is delivered. In fact, sometimes it is more about the delivery. With the help of a professional speaker, you can ensure that your message is not only sound, but you can also ensure that it gets across well. The delivery can also be tailored depending on your audience. Good keynote speakers adjust to the room, and not the other way around. Once they have a feel for what the audience wants, they can drive the message home more effectively.

keynote-speakerNext, depending on your guest keynote speakers, the ‘star power’ could be an added draw as well. Many organizers decide to hire celebrities or famous local personalities for their events, and this move is sure to lure the crowd. This magnetic draw is not something you can easily achieve with just getting anyone to speak in front of an audience. While there might be several trade-offs to this option, one thing is clear: if you want a big crowd, go with a celebrity.

Also, hiring a professional guest speaker could help you gain fresh perspective. Because you will be having consultations regarding the message you would like to send, the speaker can give new input and ideas. Since he is an outsider, he is coming into the situation with clear and fresh eyes—something that is invaluable in terms of formulating a message for your company. You might be too involved already to see some of the flaws in the message, but a professional speaker will be able to help you out and remedy them.

If you are worried about the added expense of hiring a professional speaker for your event, remember that you are not just throwing money at someone to speak for you. Ultimately, the beneficiaries of the event are the members of the audience—your workforce, if you are a company. That being said, the correct way to look at it would be to recognize that the fee you are paying the speaker is just another form of investment. Your workforce is your best asset, so do not scrimp on them. Your employees will recognize that you are willing to spend for their personal and professional development, and this is sure to pay dividends in the near future.

All in all, remember that you’re not just hiring someone to speak for you because you can’t or you don’t want to. You are hiring a professional speaker to ensure maximum audience engagement and better delivery of the message—and this is an investment you should be willing to make any given day, no questions asked.

Famous Challenge Coins

The military started the tradition of challenge coins. In the days of Ancient Rome, special coins were given out to soldiers as bonuses. These were in recognition of acts of valor and good performance of their duties. In those days, the coins had economic value. This means that the coins could be used as regular coins, to purchase goods. However, most of the soldiers chose to keep the coins, because of the special circumstances by which these were acquired.

coinfamOver the years, the value of these special coins became more numismatic and less monetary. That means that the value of the coin is more about its historical significance than its face value. Challenge coins are rarely made from precious metals such as gold and silver. The most common materials used are less expensive metals such as copper, brass, bronze, and iron. The finish is often enamel, which is not that expensive. Some coins are gold- or silver-plated, such as limited editions and those that commemorate anniversaries. Older coins can fetch much higher prices than the actual value of the metals used, even if there were no gold or silver plating.

Challenge coins became more popular in the military during the Vietnam War. The first ones were made for the 10th and the 11th Special Forces Group of the US Army. They were not worth much, based on the materials used, but held even greater value because of what the men who owned these went through during the war. These coins were actually made in order to curb a more dangerous practice among the soldiers. During the Vietnam War, a peculiar custom developed among the soldiers. They kept a single bullet for themselves, meant for a very special circumstance. This bullet was considered “the last resort.” Its purpose was to use it on themselves should they be captured by the enemies. It quickly became a symbol of pride, of courage to make that last sacrifice for the sake of their country. When soldiers met, they would display the bullets. The act was a challenge to other soldiers nearby to see if they, too, had the courage to make that ultimate sacrifice. Those without “the bullet” would place other ammunition to symbolize that they were also willing to make the sacrifice. Soon, the soldiers were no longer using bullets for challenges. They would place heavy ammos instead such as M-16s, grenades, and rifles. These challenges would often occur in public places such as bars, and became a threat to public safety. To curb this practice, special coins were minted, which were promoted to be used for such challenges. For more special coins visit

Another popular coin was the “Buffalo Bill.” This coin is considered the oldest pure coin, which was minted during the Korean War. The coins were given to soldiers of the 17th Infantry Regimen. Colonel “Buffalo Bill” Quinn had these coins made. On the coin was an image of a bucking buffalo, with the year 1812 below it. The number signified the year that the infantry regiment was formed. On the other side of the coin was engraved “1950-1951” and “Korea” on opposite poles of the coin. These referred to the years of the Korean War. At the center was a logo of the regimen.
fams coinOne recent type of challenge coin is the “Sweethearts for Soldiers” coins. These challenge coins had simple designs, but carried a great deal of encouragement to the troops stationed in Iraq. These coins were brought to the troops in Iraq by a group of NFL cheerleaders. These coins were given to the troops to show gratitude and appreciation to the sacrifices they made.